• FEATURED BOARD DIMENSION: 7’1” x 21” 1/2 x 3”.
  • ROUND SQUASH-TAIL This surfboard tail design makes the board very responsive and easier for sharper and looser turns. The shape allows for more width, which increases the surface area in the tail. More surface area means more lift, or easier to plane and maintain speed. This will obviously come in handy in the slower spots of a wave. Less surface area will cause the tail to sink or bite into the wave, making it ideal for control and tracking in high speeds. Also more lift allows the board to be more loser and turnable. With the curve shape you should expect more round, drawn out turns and less sharper, pivotal turns
  • BOTTOM: BELLY ON NOSE that blend with a ROLLED VEE on middle board that blend in the last 1/3 with a lite double concave until off the tail
  • FINISH: shark skin on deck / bottom, full gloss on the rails
  • glassing: single 6oz + one volan’s patch on bottom, 4oz plus 6oz on deck
  • WAVE TYPE: Great for most small/mid-sized waves. perform well in a wider range of waves. Still, these boards will work wonders in a small cobblestone point. the feeling of closer interaction with the wave and the rail-to-rail turning make this board design both challenging and rewarding.

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