the Madcap



About the Madcap surfboard.
yeah!!, i know it’s a gimmick, but it works!
This design is fried and true and has all the design elements that would categorize it as an “Easy – Rider.” Fast out of the starting block allows for speed-driving long sections or surfing the entire wave top to bottom. The madcap slogan is “More turns per wave.”
the bottom countor have the vee on the nose, single concave that blend in a double concave in front of the fins ending with a flat tail make for a responsive, fast and loose feel.
Designed for: A little bit more sensitive from rail to rail transition than a regular squash.
The deck have a double concave for the best grip when you surfing , on small size he recommend the use the quad configuration*
somethings more
  • featured board dimensions: 5’6” x 20’’ 3/4 x 2’’1/2
  • WAVE TYPE : Great for most mid-sized waves. High speed, High maneuverable
  • DOUBLE CONCAVE ON DECK : Gives you more traction and control. Your feet feel like it’s a part of the board. (*optional)
  • GLASSING : Single 4oz bottom, double 4oz ‘s-glass’ wrap deck
  • FINISH : Sand paper
  • FINS : Five sistem ( optional )
  • pigmented/ tints: artwork by gaba
  • Hand Shaped by kiko
  • avaible in this specified size: like you want…

relaxed rocker / Very smooth-feeling / turns with a lot of continuity through direction changes / more turns per wave / fast rail to rail transition / try it for yourself and enjoy to ride
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designed for: summertime surf and to take down your friends every time you paddle out / width: over 19″ under 20″ (approximately) / thickness: enought to float ! / glassing : fiberglass cloth and resin, and plenty of it! / color: newman aka gaba . he doesn’t always do what he’s Gaba do
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