Eclipse Green Machine specifications

  • featured board dimensions:5’9″ x 21 1/4″ x 2 5/8″
  • fin setup: glass-on custom hand made retro fish fins
  • deck: 6+4oz glass
  • bottom: 6oz glass
  • finish: full gloss and polish
  • tints/pigments: rigorously double green pigment

About our green machine surfboards

…a classic two fin swallow fat tail with an hibrid , coming down a tre inch tick , seventy rail :
Is one of the new retro-boom opening the 2005 scene , With a five different versions that , like leaves always hide wonderful buds .those boards are the fruits of a beautiful plant tras- planned by the californians’ pioneers that were usually satellites around Eclipseland. The models comes out with their help and collaboration with mad scientist and shaping guru ; Dick ” kiko ” Dustardlee .
rumors says that the migthy meeting happens in far cosmic astral quiet corner in the fondo galaxy and the name was posed to remember … mhh’… i forgot those boards are stil usualy used by surfers worldwide and their mistery “alloure” is shading from rincon , california all the way throw raglan , australia .tested in mushy semi – barreled european condition like in tubular perfect tide timing morning session in super glassy november rincon condition . pigments and over – freaking valleys phsico ” unnecessary optionals ” are over ! (dummies go home!!!)


Ease paddling and versatility / rounded vee to vee bottom shape’s / Rolled-turned rails with hard edge in tail / traditional outline from the 1970s / Low rocker , high speeds/ tested from California republic to Indo, Morocco to France from the 2003 period

Show:Alleclipse seventy hibrydsevolutivemidlenghtshortboards
  • the optmistic model
    the optmistic model
  • the hushfish model
    the hushfish model
  • the goose model
    the goose model
  • the French singer
    the French singer
  • the Dakota express
    the Dakota express
  • the Zap Zaphir
    the Zap Zaphir
  • HUBYDUBLYFISH (the fonky shonky)
    HUBYDUBLYFISH (the fonky shonky)
  • the hemphatica
    the hemphatica
  • the BISCUIT
    the BISCUIT
  • the Vaporizer
    the Vaporizer
  • eclipse mini simmons
    eclipse mini simmons
  • le Mushrooms model
    le Mushrooms model
  • mr. waffles
    mr. waffles
  • mr. Magoo
    mr. Magoo
  • the Green Machine
    the Green Machine
  • Foxy Brown
    Foxy Brown
  • Zumpster model
    Zumpster model

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