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very first ” 10 white surfboards “ serie saw the light in late 1998… against every market advice that was, at the time, pushing the ‘FRIEDPOTATO’ shortboards inoculation and promoting even in italy an unsurfable kind of surfboards .
The bisquit went fat large on the tail single fin for ‘the DINOSAUR BISQUIT’ and tree finned for the biscuit. This hybridegg that link his name to the classic Savoiardo-cookies became perfect for ‘MUSHIES’ condition of our sandbar waves but solid and trimming for a surfer that have enough open mind to see in this Creamy,Backery,Vanilla biscuit a nice allround surfboard. 

Eclipse Biscuit specifications

  • OFFERED IN THIS LENGHT: from 5’3”,5’5”,5’7”,5’9” x 21” x 2”7/8 to 6’1”,6’3”, 6’5”, 6’7”, 6’9”, 7′, 7’3”, 7’5” x 3” x 2”7/8 5’7” x 3” x 2”7/8
  • WAVE TYPE : Great for most small/mid-sized waves.
  • FIN SETUP:single Boxed fin (optional three fin configuration)
  • GLASSING : single 4oz bottom with patch on tail,single 6oz, single 4oz deck with last layer being textured.
  • FINISH: full gloss and polish
  • TINTS/PIGMENTS: double traslucent ”COOKIES” pigment/


Awesome Mid-Length shape …from the past Edition / tested in california republic / paddles and surfs similar to a long / plenty of width for cross-stepping and finesse / hard edge and slight vee increases shredability / Built to meet any surfer’s needs.

Our latest surfboards

Show:Alleclipse seventy hibrydsshortboards
  • the optmistic model
    the optmistic model
    A beveled 50/50 super smooth rail..with a panzy Square Tail to push faster on bottom turn and a supporting easy trimming...
  • the hushfish model
    the hushfish model
    This design incorporates a low entry rocker with an increased tail kick out the back of the board. It has slight concave reverse-vee through the first half of the board, leading into double concave through the fins and out the tail here a present a vee
  • the goose model
    the goose model
  • the French singer
    the French singer
    A beveled 50/50 super smooth rail..with a panzy Square Tail to push faster on bottom turn and a supporting easy trimming...
  • the Dakota express
    the Dakota express
    This gay came out of the bush right in the Playdpròtosec when even, the very last policeman, turn his back to the wood!..and they lost him..forever!
  • the Zap Zaphir
    the Zap Zaphir
    The zap zaphir Module's really curvy outline from nose to tail makes it a super-loose and reactive board. This lively feeling combined with a low, speedy...
  • the BISCUIT
    the BISCUIT
    A very first "10 white surfboards" serie saw the light in late 1998... against every market advice that was, at the time, pushing the 'FRIEDPOTATO'...
  • the Vaporizer
    the Vaporizer
    A classic multi- spiral cross over kind of board. His a particular 80's , half shape , mixed with a little aged straight rail and a special...
  • eclipse mini simmons
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    The Model 78 is designed on the Bob Simmons shape's who was light years ahead of the other shaper, his boards were considered revolutionary at ...
  • le Mushrooms model
    le Mushrooms model
    The le Mushrooms is a magic combination of a Simmons and a Spoon If you need an easy paddle out , expecially in those winter groovy days...
  • mr. waffles
    mr. waffles
    the most modern version of the retro surfboards , combine in fact , the wider nose of 80's surfboards , with the all best concept of modern shortboard ...
  • mr. Magoo
    mr. Magoo
    The mr.Magoo is designed from the evolution of model 78. It's very easy to drive, much more skate , loose and faster respect the other models ... and more shorted.
  • the Green Machine
    the Green Machine
    ...a classic two fin swallow fat tail with an hibrid , coming down a three inch tick , seventy rail : Is one of the new retro-boom opening the 2005 scene ...
  • Foxy Brown
    Foxy Brown
    ''First of all planing. Planing is when the craft skims over the surface of the water. Displacement is when the craft ploughs it's way through the water,
  • Zumpster model
    Zumpster model



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