Foxy Brown

About the Foxy Brown

the stubbie/displacement hull surfboards

”First of all planing. Planing is when the craft skims over the surface of the water. Displacement is when the craft ploughs it’s way through the water, very much like the hull of a boat. Like it or not, pretty much all surfboards displace water to some extent. If you know of a surfboard that doesn’t displace to some extent, please let me know, I’d very much like to hear from you.
Getting back to displacement on a boat you could imagine how well a hull with a square front, that sits below the waterline would make it’s way through the water. Pretty damn terribly to say the least. Replace the front of the boat with the hull shape you see on most boats (v shape) and the boat will push it’s way through the water much better. Remember not many boats sit on the surface of the water.
Most sit below the waterline, mainly because of the weight bearing down on them. With enough speed however, the right boat (say a speedboat) can plane across the surface of the water, but you need a fair bit of speed and the right hull shape, (not to mention a boat that is light enough) to be able to do this.

Eclipse Foxy Brown specifications


  • featured board dimensions: 6’8″ x 22″ x 3″
  • fin setup: us box + f.c.s
  • deck: 6+4oz glass
  • bottom: 6oz glass
  • finish: full gloss and polish
  • tints/pigments: double blue pigment with “abstract blue” deck
  • Barchetta Nose
  • Pinched 50 50 rails
  • Flat Rocker
  • Rolled bottom throughout board w / hard edge in the tail



Perfect for trimming and gliding through day to day California surf . A Terrific transition board !!


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