lipstick the longstick

’bout the lipstick longstik..
A lot of people suppose that longboards often are made for lazy people, for guys fat and out of shape, for summer old funny further, full of beers and pork ribs, that are trying to enjoing the simple funny feeling of this old Island Kings artform sport… without all the youngster macho testosteronic and radical implications.
The Lipstick Longstik is not so particular hard to use ..not specifical shaped for those kind of ‘I want a surfboard and I going to tell you how’ person.
It’s for surfers smart enough to let the shaper make his job leaving you to decide at least a graphic nùance…

  • featured board dimensions: 9’1″x 22″1/2 x 2″ 7/8
  • fin setup: US Box + lateral fins glassed on
  • Glassing: deck: 6oz e+ 6oz, bottom: 4oz e+ 4oz
  • foam: eps
  • finish: full gloss and polish
  • tints/pigments: …a summer‘s board (ice-lolly inspired)
  • avaible size: from 9’1″ to 9’8″
  • shape from the past serie: A ’94 shape


this board is a treat! designed to work good in a variety of beach breaks or points / performs well in tiny to huge waves! / the nose is narrow to pass sections with style cheater fives / perfect stick for charging everyday conditions / very very fast board, turns so quickly, cutbacks are so fun on this thing

a brief story..


nce upon a time… coming back to the 1994..
in the first year of the long path to learn the art of the shape (a long path that never ends), in addition to having made a lot of shortboards and evolutive models, I had to start learning how to shape a longboard (I have made a first long for Dado )
This surfboard, was an of these very earliest models of longboards that I have shaped, to be precise was the second model, and, like the first model is freely inspired at an takayama longboard, I have made a lot of this longboard, made in eps*, as this present in this page, both in classic way (foremost made with clark foam)
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Somethings more

  • round pin tail
    eclipse_surfboard_round pintail
    This tail design is a more versatile version of the pintail with a bit more width and curve. It is the halfway point between round tails and pintails, ideal for medium sized surf, anywhere from shoulder to almost double overhead. Softer curve coming to either a point or a rounded point. This tail design provides a moderate reduction in surface area to maintain control, however it is not as extreme as the pintail. Roundpin tails have less release and create smoother, more drawn out turns.
  • round nose
    eclipse_surfboard_round pintail
    This shape allows for the front of the board to have more surface area, giving the board more stability. Longboards typically have a round nose for the purpose of allowing the surfer to nose-ride. Round nose boards make it easier to paddle, glide, and plane on the surface because it helps to keep more of the surfer out of the water.
  • panel vee
    eclipse_surfboard_round pintail
    The “panel” in the vee refers to the flat sides of the vee which taper down from the stringer, usually all the way to the edge of the rail, in a flat plane. When used in the entry rocker section of the board, the vee helps the board slice through chop much like the hull of a boat. Vee in the entry section also provides some directional stability when current may be in issue, and raises the nose rails slightly. This shortens the length of wetted rail at lower speeds, adds some entry rail rocker for tighter full rail turns, and helps prevent the nose rail from catching when coming around on a top turn. When used in the back third, the vee provides some directional stability and adds rail rocker. The longer and/or deeper the vee, the greater directional stability the board has, and the more rail rocker is added to the tail section of the board.
  • tri fin setup
    eclipse_surfboard_round pintail
    I always recommend the "2 X1" set-up to any surfer who isn't 100 percent certain of the type of longboard he or she wants. The center fin box and FCS side plugs allow for an infinite combination of both fin types and placements. The neat thing about the FCS plugs is that you can set up your longboard as a single-fin if you like; the plugs are flush into the board and fairly light, so you'll never know they are there. until you need them, of course. You can easily turn your longboard into a Thruster or a 2 X 1, as well.Three fin longboards are more versatile than single fins. If you’re surfing smaller waves, then you should move the center fin forward to loosen up the surfboard. When placing surfboard fins, if you’re looking for extra hold and longer arcing turns, then moving the center fin back is your best bet. You want to avoid using too large of a middle fin or you will create too much stiffness and drag.

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