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“…I have shaped this board for the last (astral) trip of le french singer on punk’o repubblic.
is an inspirational classic californian longboard pintails, adapted to the powerful waves of punk’o. It is also very pleasant in small glassy conditions of ‘zumafuma planet’ and proved very stable nose…. The narrow blunt nose and hefty teardrop concave make lifting out of the lowest deepest pocket nose rides an every day affair.
With upturned 50/50’s around the edge and a big ol’ beer belly to roll up and down the face, the scooped out tail helps increase tail drag and the reduced volume in the tail only aids in clocking some serious nasal time…”


  • featured board dimensions: 9’11’’x 22’’3/4 x 3’’
  • fin setup: US Box
  • deck: double 6 oz e+7 oz sexy volan patches
  • bottom: 6oz glass + 7 oz volan patches
  • finish: full gloss and polish
  • tints/pigments: The Punko’ Republic flag coulors, painted logos
  • avaible size: 9’1’’ / 9’3’’ / 9’5’’ / 9’7’’ / 9’9’’ / 10’1’’
  • Surfing Type: Good Noserides, Smooth Turns & Great Paddle
  • Best Wave Height: 6’ & under
  • Wave Type: Point Break, Mellow Reef Break & Beach Break
designed to work good in a variety of beach breaks or points / the nose is narrow to pass sections with style cheater fives / perfect stick for charging everyday conditions
Many times, in the past, at the hundreds of real spacewalkers had been denied the access and the simultaneous expulsion from the luminescent country of “Punk Orbit.”
On the Punk’O is was not allowed lie and reigned a placid, anarchist free republic. So much so that in the language of travelers “Narrinniani ”is was reported as: Punk Republic..

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