Arod Ikim Ed Tac model

Arod Ikim Ed Tac model

Eclipse aroD ikiM taC model specifications


  • featured board dimensions:10’1″ x 23″ x 3″
  • fin setup: single glass on
  • deck: 6+6oz glass
  • bottom: 6oz glass
  • finish: full gloss and polish
  • tints/pigments: Olive resin tint bottom with clear inlay deck



Shapes from the Past Edition, 50-50 rails, the Pintail is an extremely functional traditional board for medium to larger waves while maintaining enough nose width for maneuverability and noseriding, concave on nose for excellent noserides
Tested from 1998 in California Repubblic.
a Mind Californiana project


aroD ikiM taC model… This 1996 soul revival cut off the crescent mass of superlight short ugly to see modern longboard invasion . the europe since the renaisence of this period in early 90’s , was so far from a real idea of what and where the heritage and traditions of longboard roots were deep – planted . Just in France – Californian trips during these decade a few stylished surfers bring a light movement to shine becoming the european mecca exspecially for the new born logging style italian longboarders generation. This solid 9’7” was shaped for a californian trip and open the road for a long series of very well respected longboards differents eclipse shapes.
A lot of different technical tricks shows a strong intension to learn from the classic and seurios study around every single californian shapers in a final intension to make a really usable king of board but in our italian“not so special” CONDITION


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