HUBYDUBLYFISH (the fonky shonky)

eclipse surfboards HUBY DUBLY FISH (the fonky shonky)

About our HUBYDUBlYFISH (the fonky shonky)

The H.D.F is a shortsize model of what at the time was called Swordfishtrombones. This shape saw the light during the late summer of 1994. Made simply to try to arginate the Nazi-Surf-Tendence of those insane surf period. The Slater, Dorian, Beschen era was the first prosurfer generation to force every limits about rails and surfboard volumes. One Primal group of the hand shaped shortsize surfboards,The new H.D.F is a modified version of this boards. In a late night collaboration over espresso and jazz I made some changes to this standard evolutivo (ok, actually it was over lunch at the delta house). I trimmed the ears off the round nose. I also thinned out the nose . The bottom is performance built single vee on the nose concave on the middlee to double concave/vee until the tail. The rails are crisp, the rocker is a nice blend paddle and performance. We’ve made the H.D.F as tri-fins, quads, 5-fin setup and 2+1’s. The small side bites give you just enough extra off the bottom and in cutbacks where a single fin might over pivot.
Available from 5’6”-6’8”. Happiest at 6’0-6’4”

Eclipse HUBYDUBlYFISH specifications


  • featured board dimensions: 6’2″ x 20 1/2″ x 2 3/4″
  • fin setup: tri-fins, quads and 2+1’s
  • deck: 4oz+4oz glass
  • bottom: 4oz glass
  • finish: pro-finish
  • tints/pigments: /



Semi-beginner riders can order it oversized, advanced/expert surfers can surf it as a tiny, low-effort shortboard alternative, the round tail makes for easy rail-to-rail transitions





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