The Byrds of Paradise (extemporany draws)

“… I start draws those kina pound byrds during my California trips. At the time I was driving up and down the phc like the crazy cassady in ’52. I was trying to absorbe every single frame my eyes could catch… on this so mighty, at least for me, streach of pacific one day on the highway 1 driving on the panoramic big sur route during a magicsigaretties smoke stop, I spot a blu stellar byrd whistling happy on an old combusted oak. I start drawing it. The byrd stalled on an old oak. So I start drawing it in his royal windy pose… After few minutes the byrd took of…
Flow away afraid by another huge one flyer, that was circling around the stellar… a big seahawk (?) as an fagle. The story ended after a dozen of those terryfing spiral circles the rapace went to pose he heavybody right on the same three moving his brown and orange piumage trying to dominate the baycone againist the santana wind… I keep painting the scene mixing the two bodyshape in a poetic combination…

Skullbirds on plaidzone

Skullbirds on plaidzone (2011 period)


Pavon (2010 period)


Petroil (2010 period)

Better this

Better this (2010 period)

thc9 Marstar cosmic trip

thc9 Marstar cosmic trip (2005 period)


Carl (2012 period)

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