eclipse surfboards Maunder thumbless surf comics
the funny smartass Maunder and some of his best Cosmic Surf Stripes. Originally this comics appeared in 1996 on the monthly italian surf magazine SURF LATINO.

(1996 period)FIRST EPISODE:

Ouch! … La paraffina
(Ouch! … The wax)

”…In questo numero della serie disegnato per la fantomatica casa di produzione Sit Home and rot , in un grottesco accavallarsi di tipiche dinamiche intorno al mondo del surf, Maunder tra autolesionismo,timidezza ed estrema rilassatezza si impantana , causa la mancanza di paraffina , in un diabolico pomeriggio nel surf shop locale assediato dai valleys. E’ da notare la prima apparizione del casuale cane che seguirà per alcuni episodi il goffo M.T. ”TTT”

”… In this issue of the series designed for the elusive production house ” SIT HOME and ROT “, in a grotesque hodgepodge of typical dynamics around the world of surfing, Maunder between self-harm shyness and extreme relaxation, bogs down due to the lack of wax, in an diabolical afternoon in the local surf shop, besieged by valleys.
It ‘worth noting the first random appearance of the dog that will follow for a few episodes the goofy M.T.; “TTT”

versioni ricolorate da eclipseundergroundsurfsociety nel 2010

second EPISODE:
te lo posso giurare

” in questa seconda pubblicazione del ’96 M.T. mette in scena scherzando con un attonito proto surfista , la tipica scenetta da calasole di australiana memoria (… you must be here…yesterday!…)
originale disegnato dal Gaba per Surf latino
I can swear

“…SHEEE …you had to see this morning!!! [.] I can swear!! Could.. ..a shark swallow me! “
In this second publication of ’96 Maunder sets the scene joking with a stunned proto surfer, a typical scene from “calasole” of Australian memory (… you must be here … yesterday! …)
Recolored version by kiko in the 2010 at the Eclipseundergroundsurfsociety-studio


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