Magical dresser


clipse surfboards is always been supported by a laboratory of art and graphic design to its production of surfboards. This ongoing collaboration has left indelible traces in the Italian surfer environment, and not only…

…while maintaining its legendary exclusive nomination and a mysterious aura, that associated with a chronic lack of funding have put to a hard test the survival in the rough and plastic Universe surfing World …
Eclipse artwork Studio continues, stronger than a twenty-year project, in collect almost by now exclusively for a very small circle of fanatics, small series of t-shirts, paintings, reproductions and comics.
Here you can find a few examples pulled out from the my magical dresser

  • the byrds serie
    the byrds serie
    “… I start draws those kina pound byrds during my California trips. At the time I was driving up and down the phc like the crazy cassady in ’52. I was trying to absorbe every single frame my eyes could catch… on this so mighty, at least for me, streach of pacific one day on the highway 1 driving on the panoramic big sur route during a magicsigaretties smoke stop, I spot a blu stellar byrd whistling happy on an old combusted oak. I start drawing it. The byrd stalled on an old oak. So I start drawing it in his royal windy pose… After few minutes the byrd took of…
  • The mind californiana project
    The mind californiana project
    The mind californiana is dedicadet to the best surf scene antihero ever. An unsocial attitude compromise during his lifetime part of surfer respect showing up as in any every other case that people is always afraid about a talented mind.
  • Hybrid O’rama
    Hybrid O’rama
    Hybrid o' Rama is a little random hand draw took of from the gaba's book of dreams... A brief serie of short writes 'bout trips, trouble and smoked flying hilltops race.... most of them works' round maunder thumbless cosmic trip to the eclipseland and it's incredible discover !
  • Maunder Thumbless (the surf comics)
    Maunder Thumbless (the surf comics)
    those original gaba stripes are mastered from a serie of draw for the eclipseland trip.
  • liberty
    the ''Liberty stamp'' see the birth same years ago during the long restless winter on the Big sur mountains.
  • Logotype


From the blog

welcome and really thanks to visit our proto – website, first of all we suggest with liltte patience during your proto navigation and we raccomend to pay attention at various small and hide details, that grows and proliferate inside our totally homemade proto – website .
It’s a self promote from the choose on a mixed combination of our two surf world cosmic raffigurations .
The site is full collage of over seventheen yearsof our dedication to the pure undergroundsurfsociety, out of time, anacronistictly, fluctuating between costant contradition .
a mighty brand supporting one of the verv first innovative and traditional surfboards garage shapes that have seen and have been part since the surf renaissance as one of its leader.
Surfing our site will result a little heavy disorganized and confused . we are sorrv for that , but this is our way and the reason why , the eclipse world can be verv far as reallv close ,depeanding if you will find yourself stuck in our confusion; We suggest to take your time and follow our astraltrip to eclipseland
Bad kids , sometime, needs a closer dedication… and if had read this …
…you are a bad kids

- eclipseman

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