The main concepts
  • FEATURED BOARD DIMENSION: 7’3” x 21” x 2”7/8.
  • LITE/S_DECK The “S” type deck reduses both tail and nose thickness making them weigh less which results in more responsive and less sluggy feeling then standard contours.
  • ROUND PIN-TAIL This surfboard tail design is a more versatile version of the pintail with a bit more width and curve. It is the halfway point between round tails and pintails, ideal for medium sized surf, anywhere from shoulder to almost double overhead. Softer curve coming to either a point or a rounded point. This tail design provides a moderate reduction in surface area to maintain control, however it is not as extreme as the pintail. Roundpin tails have less release and create smoother, more drawn out turns. This tail can be found on a variety of boards from shortboards and hybrids to longboards.
  • BOTTOM: LITE BELLY ON NOSE that blen with a ROLLED VEE on middle board that blend with a PANEL VEE until off the tail

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